What is Inktober?

Inktober is a month long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker that is focused on improving skill, developing positive drawing habits and to stay inspired. Every day for the month of October anyone participating in Inktober can create a drawing and post it online. Remember to use the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2020 if you want your art to be seen by everyone.

No, Inktober is NOT a competition. It is just a framework to get yourself to draw better, flex a little, and have some fun with art. Inktober is NOT a contest to see who is the best artist. It’s a challenge to see how much you can improve your art in a month, and more importantly, to help you stay inspired.

How to participate in Inktober?

Inktober is held every year throughout the month of October. There are several prompt lists online curated by many art communities and artists. You can choose to follow any one of which seems interesting to you and draw or paint out according to the prompt list for each day of the month of October.

It is okay if you cannot participate on drawing out the prompts for each day. Something is better than nothing :)

Some tips for getting started on Inktober:

1. Be free to express yourself. Let your imagination run wild with the prompts.

2. Remember, authenticity and participation is more important than perfection.

3.Do not worry if you couldn't keep up with all the prompts. Trying and learning is the key.

4. Use any medium you would want to and experiment! More importantly, Have fun!

5. You can choose to create very simple drawings, and dedicate even just a few minutes to it or you can choose to put in a few hours or even decide on completing the drawing for the next day. It's all about encouraging yourself to move at a pace which works best for you and your process.

6. Do not expect from yourself to create masterpieces everyday. Again, it is not a contest. It is about indulging in the process of creating art and developing an understanding.

7. Focus on the process and not the result.

The Surreal Studio Inktober 2020 prompt list:

Yes, we have The Surreal Studio Inktober prompt list this year. You can tag us on Instagram and also use the hashtag #InktoberTSS if you follow this prompt list!




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