S O   G L A D   T O
S E E   Y O U   H E R E !
The Surreal Studio is a lifestyle brand based out of Mumbai, India, founded by Surabhi Natekar, a visual artist, seeking aesthetics and inspiration everywhere and anywhere she goes, specifically working in the areas of Photography, Graphic Design and Illustration.
We believe that Art itself is such an unreal and magical phenomenon, you look at art, you make art, you can learn and study art, you can own art and still you can never really have enough of it.
There is always more to it, to help you stay inspired and keep going.
The Surreal Studio, having it's roots in love for art and all things aesthetic, functions and curates products with a drive to move people and have a positive impact through creativity and art.
We hope that our products bring you pure joy and motivation,
to live out the unreal aspects of creativity and imagination.